Experimenting with alcohol ink

Continuing to work with alcohol inks and one thing I have definitely learned is that I will need gloves and a clear work space. I am much too clumsy and had my hands dyed a lovely shade of blue this weekend. Thankfully I had plenty of Clorox wipes on hand and while they aren’t the most gentle thing to use on your hands, they are effective for removing those stains.

I used the blue and green from the Ranger Adirondack Brights on a white Premo tile I had baked.  Originally I created a Zentangle with micron pens, but in the process of trying to add color I smudged it.  So I sanded it down and decided to cover what I couldn’t sand off with the alcohol inks.  Once the tile was “inked” I decided that it had a deep sea vibe to it and thought that an octopus bail would be cool.  I went with it, and this was the result.

polymer clay octopus pendant


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