Fimo Leather Phone Case

LG Stylo 4 Custom Phone Case

I’ve been experimenting with Fimo Leather to create a phone case that holds my license and credit card as well. I’m impressed with the strength and flexibility of it. It’s not the easiest to work with though. Straight out of the package it rolls smoothly through a pasta maker, but I found that if you set it aside a day or two, in a plastic wrap even, it gets crumbly. I really had to finesse it to get it rolled out in my pasta roller.

Despite those issues I was really pleased with how much this stuff looks and even feels like a leather product. The seams hold together really well with Sculpey Bake and Bond too. I know most artist working with this are stitching it like real leather, but I didn’t have the materials, or the skills to do that and wanted to see how well the clay would hold together without stitching.

I can think of so many applications for this clay, especially for Cosplay! This product as well as the CosClay that I’m expecting to be delivered soon, really has me excited about the future of polymer clay as a medium.

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