Albert & Alberta Cake Topper

Florida Gator Cake Topper
Albert and Alberta

Completed the cake topper for my fiance’s 45th birthday party. Lesson’s I’ve learned from this experience is that if I’m using Sculpey III I need to use armature and wiring. Albert’s leg cracked and he drooped a little during the baking process. I think I’ll stick to Premo in the future, or mix my Sculpey III with Super Sculpey.

I’ve created a tutorial for an alligator which you can find on my tutorials page. I will list supplies used with (affiliate) links to Amazon, but most of these items can be found at your local craft store.



Work in Progress Wednesday – Go Gators


Working on Albert and Alberta, the mascots for University of Florida. They will have a 4 and 5 on their shirts for my fiance’s 45th birthday cake. I’ve been working with Sculpey III because I received it for free with a recent purchase. I’m finding I don’t like the softness of it or the brittleness. I am sure it has it’s applications, but for sculpting I will be sticking with Premo Sculpey

Coffee Cup Tutorial

Throwback Thursday – How to make a polymer clay coffee cup. Super cute coffee cup that can be used to make charms, pendants, earrings or other gifts.

Tools used:

Sculpey Super Slicer

Sculpey Essential Tools Kit

Sculpey 12-Piece Premo Metal Clay Cutters, Mini, Geometric

Polyform Premo Sculpey Multipack, 1-Ounce, Mixed Effects, 12-Pack

Custom Chess Set

Children School Chess Set

Recently a commissioned work I did for an elementary school auctioned for $3,500 at their spring gala!  I can’t tell you how elated I was to help raise that much money.  Also, I felt validated as an artist.  While people might tell you you’re talented or that they enjoy your work, somehow putting a dollar amount to how much they like it makes it real.  I  feel a bit materialistic reading that, but I know that the time I’ve put into my work over the years is because of the joy I get from creating.