Steampunk Hats

I’m back after a long hiatus where I spent way too long with my nose buried in textbooks.

With the Florida RennFest around the corner I wanted to attempt to make some Steampunk themed cosplay items for the Time Travelers weekend. After a quick search on YouTube I found a great tutorial by Lost Wax. I also visited his site and proceeded to purchase every steampunk pattern he had because they were amazing!

Having never worked with craft foam to this degree, it took me a few attempts to get the hang of it. I think however the final products are “cosplay” quality and should be good enough for a day at the fair. I used acrylic paints to get a faux leather effect and the polymer clay components are the octopus and goggle lenses. Not a bad come back project I think.

Steampunk Hats

Inchies and Inspiration.


I recently moved and it seemed like forever before I was unpacked and organized enough to get back to my clay.  I received my list for the PCA Retreat monthly swap just at the right time to motivate me to get those last boxes sorted.

This month we were tasked with making inchies that incorporated color and geometry.   I’ll admit that the concept of an inchie is was new to me.  After a quick Google search I determined it was exactly as it sounded.

Colorful is a bit of a challenge for me,  as I prefer earthiness and my clay work lately has been steampunk.  The phrase colorful geometry kept bringing Piet Mondrian’s abstract work to mind, so I decided to use it for my inspiration.

These tiles were done with Kato clay and covered with Modge Podge Dimensional Glue