My Top 5 Texturing Tools

Today’s video discusses my favorite texturing tools and how they are utilized to create depth and texture in polymer clay. They include household items as well as tools that can be purchased online or at your local craft store. Aluminum foil A plastic knife Texture sheet Etch and pearl tool Feather wire texture tool TomorrowContinue reading “My Top 5 Texturing Tools”

New Alpaca Tutorial

I am uploading my latest beginner level polymer clay tutorial to the LiliPolyClay channel right now. The only tool you will need is a toothpick! And for materials just an ounce of solid color clay a pinch of a second color and a little bit of black for the eyes. In the video I shareContinue reading “New Alpaca Tutorial”

New Sloth Tutorial

I’ve added a new beginner polymer clay tutorial to my YouTube channel today. I try to make my videos short and easy to follow using minimal tools and clay. Especially during current conditions I know it’s difficult to acquire new art and crafting materials. Materials used to create this sloth: Sculpey Souffle Cowboy Sculpey SouffleContinue reading “New Sloth Tutorial”