Birthdays and Bats

So I have actually been working with clay quite a lot over the last few weeks but I have been too busy to blog or post on any social media.

This will be my catch up post, starting with the big project for my son’s 13th birthday.   He loves the cartoon Gravity Falls which is on Disney XD.  The show takes place in Oregon where two kids spend summer vacation helping their great uncle run a tourist trap called the Mystery Shack.  I decided to make the building to go along with the plastic characters I purchased online for his birthday cake.


I was happy with how it turned out,  but it was definitely a challenge.  


The next birthday project was for my sweet little 9 year old cousin who loves penguins.   I made her a penguin sculpture.  The penguin holds a gift box that contains little penguin earrings.   She loved them.   I was very happy!


The last thing I’ll share is a little gray bat I made for a monthly challenge on My Clay Fantasy.  The August challenge was “wings” and since Halloween was coming up I decided to make a little bat.  I was thrilled when I was selected as the winner.



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